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AgileRL is on a mission to democratise access to reinforcement learning for building human-level artificial intelligence systems.

Reinforcement learning, the driving force behind AI systems' planning and decision-making capabilities, will form a part of every sophisticated AI system of the future. However, the immense potential of reinforcement learning is still out of reach for many due to its resource-intensive nature.

AgileRL offers an innovative open-source framework which enables 10x faster training and hyperparameter optimisation over state-of-the-art RL libraries. The AgileRL RLOps platform, built on this foundation, focuses on streamlining development across the entire reinforcement learning pipeline: simulation, training, deployment, and monitoring.

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Param Kumar
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Nick Ustaran-Anderegg
Wei Teo
Senior Software Engineer
Sami Mourad
Senior Reinforcement Learning Engineer
Michael Pratt
Reinforcement Learning Engineer
Naheemah Adeleke
Front-end Engineer
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