At AgileRL, we are on a mission to democratise access to reinforcement learning for building human-level artificial intelligence systems.

We believe that reinforcement learning will form a part of every sophisticated AI system of the future. It is already having a huge impact on the world we live in, from its use in creating LLMs like ChatGPT, to enabling autonomous vehicles to make decisions. Reinforcement learning enables AI models to plan and achieve objectives, but currently very few companies or individuals have the resources to leverage this powerful machine learning paradigm.

AgileRL is building an enterprise-grade reinforcement learning operations (RLOps) platform and a state-of-the-art open-source framework to eliminate these barriers to entry. Our framework has already achieved 10x faster training and hyperparameter optimisation than leading RL libraries. Our RLOps platform, built on top of our open-source framework, is focused on four key areas - simulation, training, deployment and monitoring. 

We are already working with companies across industries including finance, defence, technology, transport and sport, and are looking for talented engineers to join the team and develop the systems and tools that will enable the next wave of impactful AI.

As a member of the AgileRL team, you will have the opportunity to be at the forefront of reinforcement learning innovation. We value curiosity, creativity, and a passion for pushing boundaries. Together, we will build not only state-of-the-art software but also a culture of excellence, collaboration, and continuous learning.

Our shared values

Collective Responsibility

We trust our team to work collaboratively, challenge one another's ideas, and commit to decisions in pursuit of the incredible.

Empathetic Engagement

Our team is built on the foundation of compassion and empathy, sparing no effort with one another and with customers.

Optimistic Exploration

We are optimistic and open-minded, always looking for new opportunities and innovative solutions.

A mission bigger than us

We have a duty to contribute to the bigger vision, show humility, and ensure our customers are at the heart of what we do.

There are no open positions currently.

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